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Technical Data


UNITEM Polyetherimide (PEI) is an amorphous thermoplastic that is manufactured from SABIC Innovative Plastics' ULTEM resin. UNITEM PEI is extremely rigid, dimensionally stable, and able to withstand continuous operating temperatures of 340°F. Because it offers superior resistance to autoclave sanitizing and is FDA/USDA compliant, UNITEM PEI is routinely specified for reusable machined components used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. This material also offers electronic and semiconductor designers unmatched dielectric properties that are maintained over a wide frequency range. Unfilled UNITEM PEI is dark amber in color and semi-transparent. For applications that require improved stiffness, glass fiber filled grades with filler levels of 10%-40% are available. Nytef Plastics' UNITEM PEI stock shapes are UL V-0 rated and available in a full range of heavy gauge rod, plate and tubular bar sizes.

• 340°F continuous use temperature     
• Semi-transparent with light amber color    
• Excellent strength and rigidity, even at elevated temperatures   
• Low moisture absorption     
• Superior electrical properties     
• Rated UL V-0     
• Easily machined and fabricated     
• FDA, USDA compliant     
• Glass fiber filled grades for improved strength and stiffness   
• Medical and pharmaceutical     
• Aircraft and aerospace     
• Fluid handling     
• Electrical and electronics manufacturing   
• Microwave communications     
• Sight glasses     
• Manifolds     
• Electrical insulators     
• Electrical component housings     
• Aircraft instrumentation     
材料状态 • 已商用:当前有效   
资料 1 •  Technical Datasheet (English)
供货地区 • 北美洲 • 欧洲  
填料/增强材料 • 玻璃纤维增强材料, 30% 填料按重量  
  • 尺寸稳定性良好 • 高强度 • 良好的电气性能 
性能特点 • 非晶性 • 高压灭菌  
    • 吸潮性差 
  • 刚性,高 • 可切削  
  • 电气/电子应用领域 • 飞机应用 • 眼镜 
用途  • 电气部件 • 管道密封 • 液体处理 
  • 飞机内饰 • 航空航天应用 • 医疗/护理领域的应用 
外观  • Clear Amber   
形式  • 棒材 • 预制件  
物理性能   额定值单位制 测试方法 
比重    1.51g/cm³ ASTM D792 
吸水率    ASTM D570 
24 hr   0.16%  
饱和   0.90%  
机械性能   额定值单位制 测试方法 
拉伸模量   5520MPa ASTM D638 
抗张强度 (屈服)   117MPa ASTM D638 
伸长率 (断裂)   13% ASTM D638 
Nytef Plastics, Ltd.   
  机械性能 额定值单位制 测试方法 
  弯曲模量 5860MPa ASTM D790 
  弯曲强度 186MPa ASTM D790 
  压缩强度 212MPa ASTM D695 
  冲击性能 额定值单位制 测试方法 
  悬壁梁缺口冲击强度 85J/m ASTM D256 
  硬度 额定值单位制 测试方法 
  洛氏硬度  ASTM D785 
  M 计秤 114   
  R 计秤 127   
  热性能 额定值单位制 测试方法 
  热变形温度 (1.8 MPa, 未退火) 210°C ASTM D648 
  最高连续使用温度 171°C UL 746 
  维卡软化温度 228°C ASTM D3418 
  线形膨胀系数 - 流动 0.000020cm/cm/°C ASTM D696 
  电气性能 额定值单位制 测试方法 
  体积电阻率 > 1.0E+16ohm•cm ASTM D257 
  介电强度 3 30kV/mm ASTM D149 
  介电常数  ASTM D150 
  60 Hz 3.70   
  1 MHz 3.70   
  耗散因数 (60 Hz) 0.0015 ASTM D150 
  可燃性 额定值单位制 测试方法 
  UL 阻燃等级 (3.18 mm) V-0 UL 94 

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